We provide food manufacturers with high-quality, natural beef bone broth and extracts. This helps premium brands like yours improve taste, texture, and nutrition.

Butler’s premium beef bone broths, and bone extracts - Crafted with care.

Manufacturing successful bone broths, stocks and extracts is all about the quality of flavour, mouthfeel and nutritional content. Our products are crafted in a USDA/FDA-certified extracts’ kitchen, artisan-style. We use the same process chefs have used to make stocks, bone extracts and beef bone broths for hundreds of years.

We pressure cook our high-quality beef bones in batches to bring out the best flavour in our bone broths and extracts.  We use the latest technology to monitor and maximise the cooking process for premium results.

Much like a Butler, trust and customer service are paramount to us – We’re committed to protecting your reputation, and your brand, by the care we take in our process and the ingredients delivered to you.


Enhance your existing product with…. The Butler range.

Our range of premium food ingredients provide key nutrition and are popular across food, functional food, and wellbeing products. They support international brands as natural savoury flavourings, stocks, and culinary bases through to gravies, soups, broths, and bouillons.

Beef bone broth in a bowl

Beef Bone Broth

100% New Zealand export quality beef bones and fresh seasonal vegetables. A rich golden-brown colour with aromatic beef and vegetable flavours.

Beef leg bone extract in a dish

Beef Bone Extract, 15% fat

We supply quality beef bone extract, beef bone collagen extract, leg extract and mixed bone extract to service a wide range of flavours and functions for our customers.

All natural – our products are a bio blend and contain no artificial additives, colourings, flavour enhancers, or preservatives.

Taranaki Bio-Extracts' Food Engineer doing food research with beef bone broth and extracts

Customise your product for enhanced flavour, mouthfeel, or nutritional components.

Our expertise in meat science, food engineering, and product development means we speak the same language as food industry customers – whether you’re an experienced buyer or a start-up food business, wholesale food buyer or food distributor.  We’re real about what’s achievable and understand that quality and consistency are key.

“We can help fill gaps in knowledge about an ingredient you’re looking to include in your finished product – often this means finding a way to create something you have in mind but aren’t sure how to make yourself,” says Dr Mike North, Site Manager

Whether your product requires flavour, mouthfeel, or nutritional components, we can work with you at any level to:

  • Make an ingredient at scale from your own recipe.
  • Develop a custom recipe – with specific protein contents, taste profiles and product consistencies.
  • Refine your product requirements so you can move from test kitchen to commercial scale operation.

Interested in our customised solutions?

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Sales manager and customer in a meeting

Trust and transparency – We are committed to your Brand

We’re all about providing ingredients to transform your ‘possibilities’ into practical product solutions.  For us listening is key – we believe in face-to-face customer conversations to discover and understand your needs.

We believe in transparency in our business. Our supply chain is fully traceable and we have a clear view of every step. Our Risk Management Programme (RMP) ensures the quality of ingredients for your recipes when you partner with us.

Food Quality – Consistent on Every Count

We understand that a leading brand achieves and holds its’ position in the marketplace because it has the highest standards of quality. For us quality starts with a real understanding of our customers’ needs.

Every customer sourcing bulk foods is different. Our process is systematic and robust, enabling us to produce consistency in taste, flavour, and outputs for each one – no matter the order size. 

A leading retail broth brand in the USA receives 230 metric tonnes (half a million pounds) of Butler bone broth and extract product annuallyRead how we maintain the highest level of consistency here

New Zealand farm land with beef cattle in the background grazing on lush green grass as the sun rises.

Ethical and Responsible Sourcing

Our grass-fed beef bones are ethically sourced from selected quality beef processors who hold consistently high-quality standards for food safety and animal welfare – our beef bones are the best.

Farmed animals are tracked electronically throughout their lifetime to final food product, ensuring safety and quality for customers.   All our suppliers must provide proof of food origins, specifications and quality certifications.

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