Client Testimonial

They’re experts at their craft and meet our high standards.

Taranaki Bio-Extracts' employees doing Food Safety testing in beef bone extracts' kitchen

A Satisfied Customer:

We’ve enjoyed a successful business relationship with Taranaki Bio-Extracts (TBE) since 2015. Our Group is very particular about transparency and honesty – it’s key to our business. I’ve always found the team to be strong on this front.

They’re easy to work with and we never worry about a delivery – They always assess for best outcomes and have every regulatory issue covered, with all documents sorted for customs to process.

Our Requirement:

We manufacture a leading retail broth brand in the USA. As one of our main high-volume customers, the ingredients we use in their products must be top quality – consistency is key.

We require a high level of supplier commitment – this means traceability, and tailored requirements that aren’t always easy.


The Solution:

A beef bone broth custom concentrate supplied as an ingredient by Taranaki Bio-Extracts.

Our customer’s brand traces products back to farm – grass-fed finished with strong animal-raising claims means broth ingredients have to come from certain processing plants and farms. TBE have proven skills in this area providing us with strong assurance. They’re experts at their craft and meet our high standards.


A Succesful Outcome:

Their process supplements our production, enabling us to operate at optimum for our customers on lean labour and production inputs. They’ve supplied continuously through the pandemic enabling us to continue delivering to one of our largest customers.

We receive 230 metric tonnes (half a million pounds) of concentrate from TBE annually – COAs present product that’s consistently high quality and on specification. Their deliveries are always reliable – all the pieces of the puzzle are fitted to supply quality product in a timely manner.