CASE STUDY – Top Quality Ingredients for Leading Beef Noodle Soup . . .


“As a manufacturer of high-quality beef noodle soups, food quality is top priority for us.  Our quality is almost entirely determined by the characteristics of the ingredients we use.  Our challenge is getting both quality nutrition and supply with consistent standards.

Taranaki Bio Extracts have proved strong on both fronts for us.  They deliver to our standards every time.  Despite the distance from New Zealand to Taiwan, our product and process is well supported.”


Producing a leading beef noodle soup, our brand is delivered to the world.  It combines top quality ingredients to create winning flavours.

We require a flavoursome product to use as an ingredient for our base.  It needs to support the ease of our process.  Most importantly the quality needs to be consistent.  We also value a high level of supplier commitment.

Our challenge was finding a supplier to provide consistency of both quality nutrition and supply.



Because we manufacture our products to supply internationally there were a number of key conditions Taranaki Bio Extracts (TBE) needed to meet for us to engage in business with them;

  1. The product quality had to prove stable and consistent
  2. Their production capacity needed to promise regular and consistent supply so there would be no unforeseen impacts on our own process
  3. We have branches internationally so we required our own brand label to feature on the product

We have investigated other beef bone extract manufacturers internationally, but none have been able to deliver with consistent production to our satisfaction, and meet our order requirements ongoing.



 TBE’s beef leg bone extract provides the ideal base ingredient for our products.  The flavour profile makes it a good fit, and the knowledge that it is made from New Zealand grass-fed beef bones, with high traceability standards across it’s manufacture gives us confidence in the product.

The team at TBE are very responsive.  They understand the importance of quality and consistency to our brand, and are able to deliver to our standards every time.  We enjoy our business relationship with them as they operate with speed, and their quality supports our products’ quality.

Supplied by a valued Taiwanese Customer – Food Manufacturer