Client Testimonial

Expertise in Recipe Development

Bowls of beef bone broth and beef bone extract

A Satisfied Customer

“I’ve found Taranaki Bio-Extracts great at adding value to New Zealand ingredients and taking proteins to their full potential. Mike North’s expertise and support in developing my recipe has been really valuable. They’re across the different documentation needed for Ministry of Primary Industry (MPI) audits and international market access requirements and have been very helpful in this respect too.”

Supplied by a valued Customer – Food Manufacturer


We’ve been a customer of Taranaki Bio Extracts’ for five years now.  As a food manufacturer of high-quality product, our challenge was getting consistency of both quality nutritional standards and supply.  A reason consistency of quality is so important is due to the drying process required in our manufacturing – we need consistency of solids contents and brix levels – what goes in determines the quality of what comes out.


Due to their knowledge and the investment they’ve made in their equipment, Taranaki Bio Extracts is able to deliver on the mark every time.  They have real expertise in assisting with recipe development too, particularly with respect to their technical knowledge of processes and product characteristics.


They have a great technical team – they’re all about supporting businesses to deliver top quality products. They went above and beyond to develop the attributes and the characteristics of the product we needed, and their consistency and capacity ensures we’re guaranteed to deliver to market.

Supplied by a valued Customer – NZ Food Manufacturer