CUSTOMER TESTIMONIAL – Beef bone extract brings flavour to food brand . . .

A Satisfied Customer

“The authentic and natural product that Taranaki Bio Extracts supply is key to the quality of our final products because for us, flavour comes first.  What’s all important is that they’re committed to making sure we get what we need, when we need it every time.”

Our Requirement

Our products are manufactured for consumers who appreciate quality cuisine.  We supply a range of products, from rich stock bases to flavourful sauces, that transform everyday cooking into culinary experiences.

Taranaki Bio Extracts (TBE) beef bone extracts are key ingredients used in creating our products.  Our brand is known for it’s expertise and innovation so all the ingredients that go into our recipes need to meet very high standards of quality, with flavour at the top of the list.

Because we manufacture a premium quality food brand, consistency is all important for us. We need to know that we’re getting the same ingredient every single time. If there’s a slight alteration to the product, and we’re using it as an ingredient in our recipes, it makes it very difficult to ensure the recipe remains consistent – consistency and reliability are very important.

The Solution

Taranaki Bio Extracts provide a quality product that is unique for us and something we can’t get easily elsewhere.

For us it’s all about the authentic flavour that we receive in the beef bone extracts that they supply.  Authentic flavours are important for both our brand and our customers – artificially flavoured stocks don’t meet the quality requirements we have.

Specifically we use their beef bone extracts in a beef stock that we manufacture – it provides real flavour as well as protein – you don’t get these from standard stock flavourings.  There are limited companies that manufacture to this level in New Zealand.  Because the flavour and nutritional components are important for us it was an easy decision to source from TBE.  We use their extracts in other applications too like our gravies and sauces.

The Outcome

We’ve been dealing with Taranaki Bio Extracts for over four years now.  We get the satisfaction of traceability of TBE’s ingredients.  Their traditional extraction process from animal bones and vegetables gives us a flavourful ingredient for our recipes.  Their process and output are consistent, ensuring the ingredients they supply to us taste the same every time.

We’ve had great communication with Mike and his team from the outset which makes business very easy.  If we contact him on anything, we’ve got a response within 15 minutes.  He’s open with regards to what TBE can and can’t do, and we’ve found it really easy to work with him and his team to ensure we always have constant supply.

Often freight and logistics are beyond their control however communication is great and they’re very responsive – They are very quick to follow up and support if we have any delays in receiving consignments.

Supplied by a valued customer – New Zealand food manufacturer