Ingredients to Inspire –
Flavourful and Functional Nutrition

The Butler brand covers our premium beef bone extracts and broths. This natural, nutrient-rich range full of collagen peptides, has been crafted with food science expertise. It supports your recipes and products to be their very best.

A Range of Applications


They support international brands as natural savoury flavourings, stocks, and culinary bases, through to ingredients in gravies, soups, broths, and bouillons. Slow cooked under pressure for at least 12 hours, the dense nutrition of natural collagen protein, and flavour from 100% New Zealand sourced meaty beef bones is extracted and used as the base for our food ingredients.

A Pure Product - Flavourful Nutrition

Making successful bone broths and extracts is all about the quality of flavour and nutritional content. Pressure cooking allows us to maximise these outcomes.


Firstly, a flavourful result comes from stimulating the Maillard reaction between proteins in the meaty bones, and sugars from the fresh vegetables. This develops a distinctive quality and depth of flavour in our broths.


Our pressure-cooking process also ensures that collagen proteins are easily extracted from the bones, and broken down into smaller peptides and amino acids. This makes our range rich in minerals and healthy nutrients that are more easily absorbed by the human gut.

Taranaki Bio-Extracts' Food Engineer and assistant formulating a customised beef bone broth

Customised Ingredients

We’re experts, and we’re agile and able – from collaborating to craft unique recipes, to creating specific protein contents, taste profiles, and product consistencies. We’re real about what’s achievable, and understand that quality and consistency are key.


Whether your product requires flavour, mouthfeel, or nutritional components, we can work with you at any level:

  • Making an ingredient at scale to your own recipe
  • Helping you develop a custom recipe
  • Refining your product requirements so you can move from test kitchen to full scale.

While beef ingredients are our speciality, multi-species are available on request – no pork or alcohol as we are Halal certified.

“Our expertise in meat science, food engineering, and product development means we speak the same language as food industry customers - from experienced buyers to a start-up food business.
We can help fill gaps in knowledge about an ingredient they’re looking to include in their finished product – often this means finding a way to create something they have in mind but aren’t sure how to make themselves.”

– Dr Mike North (PhD Food Process Engineering), Stocks, Broths and Extracts Manager

Chef in a kitchen cooking with New Zealand beef bone broth

A Sustainable Choice

When it comes to sustainability, consumer expectations are evolving with an increased demand for sustainability benefits from their food – reduction of food waste, personal health and wellness, nutrition and clean label claims are key.

Our ingredients align with a sustainable approach and natural nutrition to support your brand’s offering.