General FAQs

  • What are your prices

    Prices vary due to the ingredients used and packing, storage and transport required. Contact us for details.
  • What's your MOQ?

    Human Consumption products (Bone Extracts, Bone Broths, Tallow) are produced by batch. The yield varies depending on the species and recipe processed. Human Consumption products can be downgraded to Petfood and so the same MOQ would apply here. Please contact us for details.
  • What are your lead times?

    This is dependent on how many orders are in our system. Please contact us for estimated production and delivery dates.
  • Do you supply raw materials like offal, raw bone, raw meats?

  • Can you supply broths and extracts in powder form?

    Although we do not directly produce a powder we can direct you to a third party based in New Zealand who can help with this.
  • Whats your RMP number?

    TBE1/01 for technical grade products. TBE1/02 for human consumption products.
  • Can you supply as petfood?

    Yes, Human Consumption products can also be downgraded to Petfood.