Beef Tallow – Pet Nutrition

Pet Nutrition Ingredients

Beef Tallow – Pet Nutrition


Our beef tallow is supplied as an ingredient for pet nutrition products. It is rendered fat from grass-fed New Zealand beef.


100% New Zealand Beef Tallow - Fatty Acid percentage not greater than 2%. The product is suitable for petfood manufacturing.

  • Manufacturing Standards

    The manufacture of the product will meet all standards required by the Ministry for Primary Industries. This product is suitable for petfood manufacturing.

  • Halal

    This product is Halal certified.

  • Specifications

    • FFA

      < 2%

    • Insoluble Material

      < 0.15%

    • Fat

      ≥ 99%

    • Moisture

      ≤ 1%

    • PV

      < 10 meg/kg

  • Microbiological Properties

    • APC

      Less than 10,000/g

    • E. coli

      Absent in 1 gram

  • Storage Conditions

    Store in a dry environment at ambient temperature. Keep out of direct sunlight.

  • Packaging

    1mt IBC’s