We manufacture natural and sustainable ingredients made from 100% New Zealand grass-fed beef bone.

Our premium ingredients range from beef tallow, beef bone collagen, to bone broths and extracts for local and international food service, functional food, manufacturing and pet nutrition.

Scenic New Zealand shot with cows grazing on pasture

The New Zealand Difference

New Zealand is known for its wide open spaces, a natural environment, and year-round outdoor grazing systems. This makes for healthy grass-fed beef animals, great nutritious beefy bones, and world-class ingredients.

The New Zealand Difference is about more than our provenance offering – it defines what makes us unique, what matters to us, and how we partner with our customers to support the success of their brands.

Bowls of beef bone broth and beef bone extract

As Nature Intended, With a Little Help from Us

We’re dedicated to maintaining the natural goodness in our broths and extracts just as nature intended. Our experienced team is led by an award-winning New Zealand Food Process Engineer (PhD) with expertise in meat science and food safety. While nature provides the nutritional qualities, our food science expertise provides a pure process for a healthful rich formulation.

Grass-fed, pasture raised beef bones are a rich source of essential vitamins and nutrients. Butler, our premium range of bone broths and extracts provide a New Zealand-natural source of glucosamine, collagen and protein reported to deliver a range of health benefits – ready to enrich your recipes.

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A Sustainable Approach

From the process of upcycling beef bones to craft our premium ingredients, through to our daily operations, a sustainable and ethical approach is at the heart of what we do.

For us it’s all about meeting the needs of our customers in the present, without compromising the ability of future generations to do the same.

We’ve aligned with the UN Sustainability Development Goals to formalise and focus our efforts.

Team member holding a flask and doing a food safety check

Food-Safe to You

New Zealand is known for its’ thorough and transparent food safety system. Managed and administered by our Government’s Ministry of Primary Industries (MPI), stringent food safety laws safeguard every stage in our food production supply chain.

Our extracts kitchen is USDA/FDA certified and any food exported from New Zealand meets strict export laws ensuring only the highest-quality ingredients are delivered food-safe to you.

Your Partner for Premium Ingredients

On-Trend Offerings

We offer a portfolio of on-trend 100% New Zealand crafted ingredients – these are popular internationally across food service, functional foods, edible oils and pet nutrition industries for their nutritional and functional properties. Our range is entirely keto, paleo, and gluten friendly.

A Future-Proofed Supply Chain - From Nature’s Resource to You

Meat Processor

Export quality beef bones are sourced from primary beef processors and exporters – our national electronic tracing system (NAIT) ensures animals can be traced back to origin.

Our Extracts Kitchen

Our extracts kitchen is USDA/FDA certified. Our ingredients are crafted using continuous cooking and an artisan-style batch approach depending on the product and our customer needs.


Our dedicated transport network guarantees delivery to an international port near you.

Food-Safe to You

All food exported from New Zealand must meet strict export laws ensuring only the highest-quality ingredients are delivered to you.

Meal in a restaurant dressed with a beef broth-based sauce

Customised Ingredients

If you want something unique, we have the expertise and experience to answer your needs. Depending on the desired formulation of your final product, we can create custom profiles, crafting an ingredient that’s a solution. We source a wide range of raw materials at scale and support in working through market access issues.

“I’ve found Taranaki Bio-Extracts great at taking proteins to their full potential. They have real expertise in assisting with recipe development, particularly their technical knowledge of processes and product characteristics. They went above and beyond to develop the attributes we needed.”

– Supplied by a valued customer – New Zealand Food Manufacturer.