Dried Bone Chips – Gelbone 2/6mm

Technical Ingredients

Dried Bone Chips – Gelbone 2/6mm


Degreased bone for gelatin manufacture


100% New Zealand Beef Bones


Bones used are derived from beef that has passed ante and C

  • Certification

    The product will be accompanied by a certificate issued by the New Zealand Ministry for Primary Industries. The certificate will state that the product is suitable for human consumption, subject to further processing. Importing country regulations may dictate the availability of a certified Health Certificate.

  • Manufacturing Standards

    The manufacture of the product will meet all standards required by the Ministry for Primary Industries.

  • Halal

    Product is Halal certified.

  • State


  • Weight

    19 – 21mt per container FCL

  • Specifications

    • Size Range

      1.8mm to 6.5mm

    • Particles > 6mm

      ≤ 1.5%

    • Particles < 2mm

      ≤ 2.5%

    • Moisture

      < 10%

    • Fat

      < 2.5%

    • Ash

      > 58%

  • Usual Shipment Size

    20ft shipping container

  • FCL Closure

    Cardboard dunnage across both doors to sufficient height to allow conveyor in and the 19-21mt of bone to settle without spillage.Needs to be supported by 6x1 plank.

  • Storage Conditions

    Store in a dry environment at ambient temperature

  • Best Before

    12 months from manufacture, kept out of direct sunlight.