Beef Leg Bone Extract, 15% fat

Food Ingredients

Beef Leg Bone Extract, 15% fat


Beef leg bone extracts are substances that originate from the leg bones of cattle and provide a broad range of nutrients from the bones. The Beef Leg Bone Extracts we produce are made from 100% New Zealand export quality beef leg bones. Our cattle are grass-fed, hormone free, antibiotic free and GMO free which translates to premium extracts that are rich in essential minerals, proteins, and other beneficial compounds.

Our beef leg bone extract is a golden concentrated liquid extract made from 100% export quality beef leg bones.


88% beef leg bone extract, 12% salt.


Bones (derived from cattle that has passed ante and post mortem inspection), Water, Salt.

Extraction Process

Slow cooked under pressure for at least 10 hours, our process brings out the best quality beef bone extract products. Temperature and time are key considerations, and we use the latest technology to monitor our extraction process closely for the most premium results.

Uses / Benefits

Beef bone extracts are often used in soups, stews, sauces or gravies due to their rich flavour, gelatinous mouthfeel and nutritional content.

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  • Manufacturing Standards

    The manufacture of the product will meet all standards required by the Ministry for Primary Industries.

  • Halal

    Product is Halal certified.

  • Application

    Beef flavouring, protein extender, colour/taste enhancer, seasoning mixes, soups, sauces, bouillons, gravies.

  • Specifications

    These specifications are a guideline, we can customize to your requirements in particular Brix, Fat and Salt.

    • Refractometer (target)

      58 °Brix

    • Protein

      ≥ 30%

    • Fat


    • Salt


    • Moisture

      ≤ 45%

    • Ash

      ≤ 15%

  • Microbiological Properties

    • APC

      Less than 10,000/g

    • E. coli

      Absent in 1 gram

    • Coliforms

      Absent in 1 gram

  • Storage Conditions

    Store in a cool, dry place, out of direct sunlight – (Best before 12 months after manufacture date)

  • Packaging

    20 kg bag-in-box (plastic bag inside box).