Case Study – pharmaceutical and nutraceutical ingredients . . .

Dishes of DCB gel bone chips, peptone, tallow, calcium powder, pharmaceutical gelcaps

A Satisfied customer

“Our main customers are large international nutraceutical supplement brands.  Our products have custom recipe and supply requirements, and Taranaki Bio-Extracts have proved proactive and responsive on all fronts.  They’re flexible and nothing’s a problem – they’ll go the extra mile if you need something tailored or out of the ordinary.  They’re very open in their dealings, represent their product honestly and deliver on time.”

Supplied by a valued customer – New Zealand nutraceutical manufacturer


We produce and supply animal-sourced pharmaceutical and nutraceutical ingredients for the export market. We sell powdered products for encapsulation and functional food ingredients.  These are especially popular with followers of whole food, keto and paleo diets.

All of our ingredients need to be the best of New Zealand quality. We are only interested in making products that meet exacting micro levels, are consistent and can be delivered on time to enable us to meet to our sales orders. The freshness of the product is vital to support our ‘best by’ dates on products.


TBE deliver on time to purchase order.  Their products are of consistent quality and traceability which are vital for our nutraceutical and pharmaceutical customers.


For us receiving responsive, honest dealings, with products of good consistent quality, and being able to rely on the right product turning up at the right time determines a successful outcome. Traceability and grass-fed attestations are key.

TBE have excellent Interpersonal service – they’re really responsive.  If you have an enquiry they’ll come back on it quickly.  The quality and consistency of their products is first class.  Any challenges are worked out and we have never been let down – they are a highly reliable crew.