CASE STUDY – Taking a product from test kitchen to full scale . . .

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Taranaki Bio Extracts’ beef bone extract is my hero ingredient!  We had an extract tailored as a base ingredient to enable our own flavours to be added.  Because Taranaki Bio Extracts (TBE) are certified halal it’s allowed us to enter the Halal market.  It means we have two consumer channels for our product – one mainstream and one halal.  This provides a very unique approach to our offering and one that is very popular.

Taranaki Bio Extracts’ beef bone extract is an all natural food product – non-GMO, hormone and antibiotic free, no additives or preservatives.  I’ve found it very rare to find a high collagen, high protein food like TBE produce.  This is really important as it’s key to the value proposition for our product range.

Suppplied by a valued customer – Food manufacturer


After doing a lot of research I came across Taranaki Bio Extracts and Dr Mike North – Because I was new to food manufacturing at scale, and new to the product I had a lot of questions – Mike is incredibly knowledgeable and always willing to share information.  His responsiveness built strong trust in our business relationship and resulted in us shifting 90% of our product purchase to Taranaki Bio Extracts.

Traceability of the ingredients in our products is very important to our end-user.  So is the grass-fed aspect and humane animal welfare associated with the broth.  We get so many questions from our customers looking for clarification on this type of information.  Taranaki Bio Extract’s product enables positive response on all counts.


We receive our product as a beef bone extract concentrate – it enables us to bottle a straight beef bone broth and add our own flavour profiles to create a full range according to our customers preferences.  Consistency is key for our business.  The concentrate has a thick caramel consistency – for us this was a key differentiator.

The fact that TBE are halal provides a very unique product, as well as the fact they concentrate their product and provide customization capabilities – it opens up opportunities for us in the  market.


The knowledge of the bone broth market was an important factor for me – Once I started to understand Taranaki Bio Extracts, their products and their expertise I was sold.  They supply internationally so they know what’s required for success.  Having a concentrate that was tailored to my needs supported my own product range requirements.