Vaughan Dew, Senior Sales Executive, shares 12 months on at Taranaki Bio Extracts . . .

Success in 12 months . . .

Just over 12 months ago Vaughan Dew joined Taranaki Bio Extracts as their Senior Sales Executive. Recently celebrating his one-year anniversary he’s reflected on all the experiences he’s accumulated in this short space of time, the people he’s met, the opportunities he’s had and the achievements he’s made.

“In the 12 months I’ve been here a key focus has been mastering the intricacies of our product line, delving into both the technical and nutritional aspects of each, and is something I’ve really enjoyed,” says Vaughan.

This knowledge has supported the development and maintenance of new and existing business relationships.

“I’ve successfully onboarded new customers while ensuring uninterrupted production which has been a key priority.  Additionally, I’ve diligently continued the legacy of my predecessor by nurturing and maintaining strong business relationships with existing customers, ensuring the ongoing success of our partnerships,” he says.

As a highly goal-focused individual Vaughan attributes his goal achievements to hard work and firm focus on what he’s doing, alongside being part of a strong positive team.

“The Taranaki Bio Extracts team comprises highly experienced professionals, some of whom have dedicated over a decade to our company. They have been instrumental in assisting me during my transition, guiding me through unfamiliar products and providing valuable insights on effective communication with clients from diverse regions. The collaborative spirit at TBE fosters a supportive environment where team members actively assist each other.

“I’ve been actively involved in assisting established companies in diversifying their product lines. It has been a rewarding experience to support these businesses to expand and to introduce new ranges alongside their existing offerings.  Many have involved innovations in brands of retail beef bone broths with flavour ranges and different takes on this traditional and popular product,” he says.

Dealing with customers internationally has seen Vaughan host clients at TBE and travel abroad to the USA to meet with others.  Visitors have included clients from India, China, Korea and Australia – the distance travelled testament to the relationships shared with Taranaki Bio Extracts.

“Welcoming representatives from a prominent gelatine company based in India, owned by Japan, was a fascinating experience. Learning about the utilization of our gel bone in the manufacturing process of premium gelatine for pharmaceutical capsules globally was particularly insightful.

“Additionally, hosting long-standing customers from a Korean distributor provided enjoyable opportunities to delve into their customer base and understand the diverse applications of the broths we produce. Discovering that a significant portion of our broths contributes to the production of ramen noodles, both within New Zealand and on a global scale, added a compelling layer to our discussions.

For Vaughan the most valuable part of his travels were the interactions and learnings from the people he met.

“The most enriching aspect of my trips abroad was the opportunity to connect with new and dynamic individuals, absorbing insights and knowledge from their experiences. Understanding the distinctive nature of the broth sector in the United States, particularly witnessing entire aisles dedicated to broth and soups in supermarkets, was truly eye-opening. Working with our clients has been a pleasure, as they are not only great collaborators but also down-to-earth individuals,” he says.

And after 12 months Vaughan has a favourite product that’s also a clear client favourite.

“Undoubtedly in my mind, our stand-out product at Taranaki Bio Extracts is the Beef Bone Broth with added fat. Brimming with essential nutrients that cater to universal health needs, it has swiftly emerged as our top-selling item. The versatility of transforming this singular product into many household flavours and healthy options for consumers proves highly practical. This adaptability makes it an excellent addition to retail spaces across various countries, says Vaughan.

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