The Beauty of Beef Bone Broth . . . Liquid and Powder

Bowls of beef bone broth and beef bone extract

Liquid and Powder Proving Strong . . .

At Taranaki Bio Extracts we’re experts on bone broth and extracts – especially as a b2b business supplying other manufacturers with the goodness that strengthens their products and brands.  Driven by an increasing consumer demand for easy to consume products that provide health and nutraceutical benefits, bone broth liquid and powder products are proving strong – Bone broth’s beauty is in its’ benefits and versatility.

Our bone broths are made from meaty beef bones, connective tissues, and minerals supplemented with a range of fresh vegetables, herbs and spices.  Along with collagen, our broths and extracts are a rich source of essential vitamins and nutrients, including calcium, magnesium and phosphorous.  When cooked, collagen turns into gelatin which offers the body amino acids, the building blocks of the proteins in our bodies.  For many this is the reason why bone broth is a beneficial dietary supplement – one that’s consumed daily.

The nutritional market is driven by consumer demand with health and wellness leading the way.  It sees vegetable and bone broth powder and concentrates popular for their ease of use.  Now more than ever before, the market is flooded with a range of powdered bone broth products meeting the needs of consumers.  Collagen well known as a valuable protein is popular with people of all ages, but particularly Gen Z and millennials – these groups are keen on bovine collagen for its skin, hair and nail support.  Collagen powders mixed in drinks have become a regular routine for many – even Nestle has joined the movement with a collagen range.

It’s predicted that collagen demand will develop further as more benefits are discovered.  The role of amino acids – the building blocks of protein in supporting gut health is another favoured benefit.  The amino acids found in collagen, especially glutamine, glycine and proline are central to good gut health.  Glutamine is an important amino acid that supports the gut lining and there’s evidence that glycine and proline support healthy digestion and promote the growth of good gut bacteria.  Manufacturers and brands of bone broth products are starting to introduce consumers to these benefits.

Bone broth as a liquid food takes up large volumes for storing and transporting – it also has limited shelf life due to its composition.  From a manufacturing perspective you can increase the storage stability of bone broths with drying.  The application of the spray drying technique in the food industry for the creation of a wide range of ingredients has become highly desirable compared to other drying techniques.  It is achieved by spraying the product continuously into a hot-drying medium.  This method is particularly favoured in the production of functional foods, and nutraceuticals.  A visit to 2023 Supply Side West in the US saw spray drying of bone broths in the nutraceutical sector a strong favourite and trend to be seen in the future.

We have a range of customers who purchase our bone broths and extracts to develop their own brands of broth for a range of flavoured collagen-boosted easy to consume products.  We also have customers who take our bone broth and extracts and spray dry them to develop their own flavoured functional powdered products.

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