7 reasons our ingredients support your clean label brands.

Clean Label bringing transparency . . .

In our previous post we shared how ‘Clean Label’ products are meeting an increasing consumer demand for transparency.  Essentially they do this by providing an easily understandable ingredient list free from complicated chemical names.

While there is no official definition for ‘clean label,’ for most consumers it means ‘healthy’, free from artificial additives and preservatives.  It also refers to simplification of ingredients in a recipe, and making sure those ingredient items can be recognised by consumers.  It’s all about consumers being able to understand what they’re eating, where the ingredients have come from, and reassurance that the manufacturing process has remained straightforward.

At Taranaki Bio Extracts our products provide strong support to retail brands who favour the clean label approach for their customers;

  1. All of the ingredients in our beef bone broths and extracts are 100% natural and come from sources we trust. We use grass-fed beef bones, fresh and organic vegetables and a range of spices and herbs to craft our products.  We only source free range raw materials for our ingredients from people we know and trust.  This means full traceability.  All of our suppliers from meat processors to growers must provide proof of food origins, specifications, quality certifications and more.
  2. We have strong traceability standards – All of our raw materials are fully traceable from origin to export. An electronic tracking system (NAIT) means movements of every farmed animal in the country are recorded from birth to processing.  An eligibility declaration (ED) arrives with all raw material from our export quality processors.  This is part of a national online certification process known as E-Cert.  It is unique to New Zealand, providing a traceability standard for our ingredients up to export, enabling export certificates to be approved, and ensuring premium quality.
  3. Our ingredients are easy to understand and have consumer-friendly names: from beef bones, water, various vegetables, to herbs and spices, our simplicity means your consumers can be guaranteed peace of mind.
  4. Clean label ingredients are natural ingredients of beneficial nutritional value. We use 100% natural grass-fed beef bone, fresh vegetables and spices to create our products.  Our specifications sheets detail the nutritional content of each product.
  5. Our healthful formula is FREE from additives, colourings, flavour enhancers, and GMOs. When it comes to genetic modification, our crops are safe. No genetically modified products can be grown in New Zealand – it’s against the law.
  6. We use sustainably and ethically sourced ingredients: We believe in sustainable nutrition – for us this is about valuing, and creating value from the entire animal, to create rich nutrition.  For many cultures respecting the life of animals sourced for food means using and appreciating every part of the animal.  For twenty years we’ve been a part of this age-old tradition – when the processors have removed the prime cuts, we know there’s special value and richness hidden in the meaty beef bones.  We create clean label value by extracting this richness to produce high quality functional foods.  Humane animal husbandry matters to us – animal welfare is a high priority inn New Zealand.  Our animals live free-range from birth, and are covered by some of the world’s best animal welfare standards.
  7. Pure to you – our pressure cooking and processing methods are straightforward with all of natures’ nutrients preserved at their very best. Our broths, stocks, and bone extracts are crafted in an extracts’ kitchen, artisan-style. We use the same process chefs have used to make stocks and broths for hundreds of years.
    Pressure cooking our export quality beef bones in batches brings out their best, with the benefits of the latest technology to monitor and maximise for premium results.  Our natural process breaks down the long helical-shaped chains of collagen proteins and makes them soluble in water, also releasing other nutrients.  Once the collagen is extracted, pressure cooking helps to break the collagen down further into peptides. These can be more readily absorbed by the gut – optimum absorption means optimum benefit.

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