Why Beef Bone Broth Beats Chicken Bone Broth for Taranaki Bio Extracts (TBE) . . .

Beef and Chicken to Multi-species . . .

Bone broths have taken the health industry by storm over the last 10 years – replacing a morning cup of coffee for many people.  There are the ever-popular beef bone and chicken bone broths, through to a range of multi-species broths on the market, and lining supermarket shelves.

“With the increasing interest in personal health and wellbeing internationally, we’re noticing a lot of New Zealand start-up companies wanting to develop beef bone broth products and brands,” says Dr Mike North, Site Manager, Taranaki Bio Extracts

When it comes to manufacturing bone broths there are some key differences between the two favourites; chicken bone broth and beef bone broth.  The main difference is the density of the bone – the beef bone is a lot denser than the chicken bone so when turning it into a broth, you have to cook the beef bones for a lot longer or at a higher temperature to gain the same extraction from the denser bone – that’s the key difference in terms of the process.

“We are constantly trying to balance both the flavour and nutritional profile of our products. And the cooking process is the main thing that determines both outcomes. Due to the density differences of chicken and beef bones, the optimal cooking process can be very different for each type of broth” says Dr Mike North.

When it comes to flavor, chicken offers a milder profile that is easier to integrate into any dish, whereas beef offers a bolder, more distinct one. But other than flavor, what is the difference in the nutritional qualities of beef bone broth and chicken bone broth from a food science perspective?

Both bone broths are great sources of vitamins and nutrients like amino acids and collagen.  With beef bone broth you’ve got more of the amino acid glycine compared to chicken bone broth – there’s still glycine in chicken but there’s a lot more in beef bone broth.  That’s because typically there is more type iii collagen and that’s where the glycine comes from.  Both beef bone broth and chicken bone broth have type ii and type iii collagen – chicken has more of the type ii collagen than beef does.

More studies are needed to reveal the full benefits of bone broth but with the knowledge we have, it seems beef bone broth may be better at supporting your gut and digestive health, as well as improving your sleep, mood and supporting relaxation.  Whereas chicken bone broth may be the better choice for healthy joints and smooth glowing skin.

Most broths can be sold as stocks.  Various international cultures have their preferences when it comes to broths and stocks.   For most countries, chicken is more prevalent.  Beef is number one in South Korea, and if you go to Japan pork and chicken are first with beef third.  In the USA it is both chicken and beef broths that are most popular.  Whether urban myth or a dose of truth, it’s common knowledge that chicken soup, stock or broth can support colds and influenza.

From a food safety perspective the heat treatment that both types of broths are subjected to means there is no difference between chicken and beef bone broth.  The long slow heat treatment ensures all broth products are safe to consume.

There are some markets that New Zealand poultry products are not able to be exported to.

“We’re from a region of New Zealand where there’s a lot of grass-fed beef available, and comparatively we don’t have a lot of chicken as other markets do.  Chicken bone is expensive, and the yield is low for chicken bone broth – it is pretty much the most expensive product we make for that reason.  Beef is relatively plentiful and relatively inexpensive compared to chicken.

“There’s no competitive advantage for TBE to make chicken bone broth – when shipping to the USA we can’t compare with local manufacturers there. But due to the with plentiful grass-fed beef bone in New Zealand we can compete on beef bone broth, and that’s where we have an inherent advantage” says Dr Mike North.

To learn more about Taranaki Bio Extracts beef bone broth: https://taranakibioextracts.com/product/beef-bone-broth/