7 Reasons Butler Premium Beef Bone Broths and Extracts are World Class . . .

Beef mixed bone broth pouring from a test-tube into a small ramekin on scales

Butler - Our Premium Range . . .

Butler is our premium range – At Taranaki Bio Extracts we manufacture and supply all-natural grass-fed beef bone broths and extracts – Supporting premium brands like yours to deliver.  Our winning recipes mean quality of flavor, mouthfeel and nutritional content.

  1. Grass Fed – All of our ingredients are crafted from grass-fed, pasture-raised beef bones. They are a rich source of essential vitamins and nutrients.  Butler ingredients provide a natural source of glucosamine, collagen and protein, reported to deliver a range of health benefits – ready to enrich your recipes.


  1. Scientific Expertise – While nature provides the nutritional qualities, Taranaki Bio Extracts’ (TBE) food science expertise provides a superior process for creating a flavorful, collagen-rich formulation. All our ingredients are crafted by an experienced team, led by an award-winning Food Process Engineer (PhD) with expertise in meat science and food safety.

“We recognise the beef bone broth retail market is driven and differentiated by private labels and premium brands – for us and our customers it’s all about flavor, mouthfeel, and consistency,” says Dr Mike North, Site Manager

  1. A Sustainable Approach – From the process of upcycling beef bones to craft our premium ingredients, through to our daily operations, a sustainable and ethical approach is at the heart of what we do. For us it’s all about meeting the needs of our customers in the present, without compromising the ability of future generations to do the same.  We’ve aligned with the UN Sustainability Development Goals to formalise and focus our efforts – Read here https://taranakibioextracts.com/sustainability/


  1. All Natural and GMO-Free – When it comes to genetic modification, our crops are safe. No genetically modified products can be grown in New Zealand – it’s against the law. Our healthful formula is FREE from additives, colourings, flavor enhancers, GMOs and other nasties.  Our pressure cooking process means all of nature’s nutrients are extracted and preserved at their very best.


  1. Customisability – Our Butler range includes customised products. It’s all about giving you the flavor, mouthfeel and consistency your customers desire  – we’re experts and we’re agile and able, from collaborating to craft unique recipes, to creating specific protein contents, taste profiles and product consistencies.  We’re real about what’s achievable, and understand that quality and consistency are key.


  1. Animal Welfare – New Zealand cattle are raised free to roam 365 days a year. This means from birth to harvest, our beef is grass-fed and finished with a 95% pasture-based diet. If humane animal husbandry matters to you, our ingredients are worth seeking out.  Animal welfare is a high priority in New Zealand. Our animals are covered by some of the world’s best animal welfare standards.


  1. Responsible sourcing – 100% Traceable Raw Materials – We only source raw materials for our ingredients from people we know and trust. This means full traceability – all of our suppliers must provide proof of food origins, specifications, quality certifications and more.

All of our beef bone is fully traceable from origin to export.  An electronic tracking system (NAIT) means movements of every farmed animal are recorded from birth to processing.  An eligibility declaration (ED) arrives with all raw material from our quality processors – This is part of a national online certification process known as E-Cert.  It provides a traceability standard for our ingredients up to export, enabling export certificates to be approved, and ensuring premium quality.

We have a window across every step of our supply chain.  It’s audited under our Risk Management Programme (RMP) giving you a guarantee of the quality you receive in our ingredients for your recipes when you partner with us.

To learn more about our Butler range of beef bone broths and extracts visit https://taranakibioextracts.com/food-ingredients/