BEEF BONE COLLAGEN EXTRACT – An ideal Ingredient for functional foods

A range of beef bone extracts, with one being measured on scales

Beef Bone Collagen at its' most natural

At Taranaki Bio Extracts we prepare a beef bone collagen extract at its most natural.  It is purely beef bones and added water cooked until the extraction process is complete.  It’s popular as an ingredient in nutritional and wellness products due to it’s collagen content and the responsible sourcing that goes into every ingredient choice we make. We pride ourselves on the quality we deliver when it comes to supplying functional food and pet nutrition ingredients.

We have a range of clients internationally who value New Zealand’s animal welfare and environmental sustainability programs – it’s this care for the land and the livestock that we know our customers value. New Zealand is well known for raising some of the best beef in the world and it’s the bones of this beef that go into our beef bone collagen extract. We use tried and traditional preparation methods to create our bone collagen extract which is quite a different process to collagen extracted from hides.

What’s the difference between Beef Bone Collagen Extract and Beef Bone Broth?

 At Taranaki Bio Extracts our beef bone collagen extract is a food ingredient – it is created using all of the bones from a side of beef given they are certified for human consumption – this includes leg bone, knuckle, ribs, pelvis, etc but not the heads, hocks, hooves or hides.

While the beef bones used are exactly the same as we use for our beef bone broth there is a difference in the recipe.  Our beef bone collagen extract is simply bones and water, while our bone broth is created using bones, water, vegetables, herbs and spices.  The target for bone broth is flavour, the target for bone collagen is healthfulness.

Our bone broth is cooked at a different temperature which is optimised for flavour to enable the Maillard reaction between the proteins and sugars – it’s the magic touch for our flavoursome result.  It also ensures the proteins are more intact giving the thick viscous mouthfeel our customers desire.  In contrast, cooking for the bone collagen extract focuses on maximising extraction of the protein and breaking it down into peptides and amino acids that can be more readily absorbed by the gut.  The smaller peptides in the bone collagen extract result in a thinner consistency in the end product than bone broth (even at similar protein levels).

The main collagen types present in our bone collagen are Types I, II and III.  Type I is the most common type of collagen and is found in all connective tissue. Type ll is found in cartilage and bone. Type lll is the main component of reticular fibers, which are found in bone marrow and blood vessels.  The health benefits for all three types of collagen include improving skin health, reducing joint pain, reducing bone loss, improving heart health, improving hair growth and reducing brittleness of nails.

Our bone collagen extract is a liquid, made up of protein in water. The liquid product must be stored and transported frozen. There is no issue with drying the liquid to remove the water, which leaves a very pure protein powder that is shelf stable. Our beef bone collagen extract has been successfully spray dried and drum dried by some of our customers.

There is more than 44% protein in our Beef Bone Collagen extract. We have measured this protein and shown that more than 70% of the protein comes from collagen, so the amount of collagen in our liquid product is more than 30% by weight.

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