Butler – Presenting the New Zealand Difference to International Markets . . .

Beef mixed bone broth pouring from a test-tube into a small ramekin on scales

Butler Premium Food Ingredients

Taranaki Bio Extracts (TBE) is known for ‘The New Zealand Difference.’

“As a company we believe in the benefits of a New Zealand-manufactured food ingredient.  Butler is our premium range of bone broths and extracts,” says Dr Mike North PhD (food process engineering), Site Manager, Taranaki Bio Extracts.

The New Zealand Difference is all about the unique nature of TBE’s provenance offering and the robust character this brings.  It’s the qualities that define their team and resonate in how they do business.  They have a reputation as people who are highly trustworthy – they genuinely care about doing the right thing, and doing what they do well to support their customers.

“The New Zealand culture, and the way we deal with our customers, can be summed up in one word – ‘helpful.’  An analogy describes it well; when someone is visiting New Zealand and is lost, looking for a location, or a good restaurant, people are generally willing to stop and help.  I see this as a Kiwi quality – it’s in our New Zealand approach to business too,” says Dr Mike North.

From the very first moment somebody contacts Taranaki Bio Extracts they try to understand what a customer is looking for – to see if there’s a fit in what TBE can provide. For the team listening is key. They believe in face-to-face customer conversations.

“Often a potential customer doesn’t know exactly what their solution is.  This stage of the relationship is all about educating them on our product and offering; what it is, what it contains, what we can do for them, and the key value proposition for a finished product.  It’s all about getting a customer to understand how we can bring value to their end product through our own products and expertise,” says Dr Mike North.

TBE has mastery in meat science, food engineering, and product development.  This means they speak the same language as food industry customers – from experienced buyers to a start-up food business.

“We can help fill gaps in knowledge about an ingredient they’re looking to include in their finished product – often this means finding a way to create something they have in mind but aren’t sure how to make themselves,” says Dr Mike North.

From collaborating to craft unique recipes, to creating specific protein contents, taste profiles and product consistencies, they’re real about what’s achievable, and understand that quality and consistency are key.

“Whether your product requires flavour, mouthfeel, or nutritional components we can work with you at any level; making an ingredient at scale to your own recipe, helping you develop a customer recipe, or refining your product requirements so you can move from test kitchen to full scale,” says Dr Mike North.

And their customers agree; “They have a great technical team – they’re all about supporting businesses to deliver top quality products. They went above and beyond to develop the attributes and the characteristics of the product we needed, and their consistency and capacity ensures we’re guaranteed to deliver to market,” – Supplied by a valued Customer – NZ Food Manufacturer.

Once this is successfully achieved, and the customer has committed to purchasing product ongoing from TBE, Senior Sales Executive, Vaughan Dew, steps in to manage the day-to-day requirements.

“We’re 100% committed to delivering what you need when you need it.  If someone wants something different and we’re at capacity, we will reschedule and try to make a way for it to happen, rather than say ‘no’.  It’s about being responsive to what our customers’ needs are.

“We’re committed to protecting their reputation and their brands by the care we take in our process and the ingredients we deliver to them,” says Vaughan Dew.

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