Co-manufacturing – How companies can partner with Taranaki Bio Extracts . . .

Garnished bowls of broth beside tetrapaks of beef bone broth

Engaging a co-manufacturer . . .

With a proliferation of innovative food businesses in the health and wellness sector, many are looking for ways to scale up production and maintain uninterrupted supply – For example, an individual chef or restaurant kitchen may have a premium product they want to manufacture but cannot sustain large scale manufacturing on their own to support this.  Or a start-up has a recipe and brand concept but are constrained by the production investment required.  Given these scenarios, engaging a co-manufacturer is a great way for brands to keep staff to a minimum, reduce the cost of production, increase the speed of delivery to market and maximise their time in strategizing for product development and success of the business.

A co-manufacturer is a company who will work closely with you on your brand to manufacture or package a product and distribute your products in bulk.  It is an increasingly common strategy for food companies who want to reduce assets, speed time to market and offer reduced costs.  It supports as a step in business development going from smaller production to large scale.  It’s an efficient cost-effective way to bring your product to market rather than building your own manufacturing facility.  They are privy to your recipes, product specifications and business goals so require a trusting relationship that is committed to   your goals, standards and vision.

A co-manufacturer can benefit your business by their value-added expertise.  This could be anything from suggesting product developments, sourcing raw materials and decreasing cost of production while maintaining quality to overseas markets.

At Taranaki Bio Extracts Dr Mike North (PhD Food Process Engineering) brings his food science knowledge and expertise leading the team. He’s worked as a Research Scientist/ Section Manager for large government funded and commercial projects delivering substantial R&D outcomes. In recognition of his contributions to food science he was awarded the NZBIO ‘Emerging Biotechnologist of the Year’ (2007)

“Our expertise in meat science, food engineering, and product development means we speak the same language as food industry customers – from experienced buyers to a start-up food business.

“We can help fill gaps in knowledge about an ingredient they’re looking to include in their finished product – often this means finding a ways to create something they have in mind but aren’t sure how to make themselves.” Says Dr Mike North, Stocks, Broths & Extracts Manager.

At Taranaki Bio Extracts we are licensed to export to many different markets and are Halal licensed – this provides opportunity for brands to expand.

Economical resourcing – Relationships with raw material suppliers

A co-manufacturer can often pass on cost efficiencies in procuring resources because they work with a number of different suppliers which means they can leverage the advantages of scale in sourcing ingredients.  This reduces capital cost and supports profit margins. At Taranaki Bio Extracts we have strong relationships with a raft of export quality meat processors enabling supply of top quality bones.  We only source free range raw materials for our ingredients from people we know and trust.  This means full traceability.  All of our suppliers must provide proof of food origins, specifications, quality certifications and more.

Asset Optimisation – Scaling up on volume requirements

Understanding that large scale manufacturing involves considerable capital outlay with setting up of complex machinery and employing specialised staff – working with us removes this requirement.  Our kitchen is operated by a highly skilled team with expertise to customise to your requirements.  We offer flexibility when it comes to volume requirements – If you’re a start-up and want to start small with one batch, we’re able, and can then transition to orders of full container loads to suit.  Our plant operations enable this flexibility.

Grass-fed bones of New Zealand origin

Our ethically sourced beef bones are some of New Zealand’s best.  They come from primary beef processors and exporters including parent company ANZCO Foods.  This means a reliable quality and future-proofed supply.

All of our suppliers are part of the Quality Mark Certification Programme – an assurance that beef is New Zealand grown, and has met the highest quality standards for food safety and animal welfare.

Getting Essential Certifications

Accredited laboratory checks for both composition and microbiology support both our food safety and our food quality.  These are carried out on every batch of our ingredients or products according to the country of custom.  This means we know they’re food safe to the highest quality standards, meeting the correct macro profiles and conforming to product specifications.  All details are provided on a certificate of Analysis (COA) for every batch we craft.