Collagen from Bone or Hides?

Beef Bone Collagen Extract

The Beef Bone Collagen Extract from Taranaki Bio Extracts is made from the bones of grass-fed beef animals. The bones are certified as fit for human consumption and every batch has full traceability using the NZ Ministry for Primary Industries electronic certification system. We believe this is a safer and more trustworthy source than collagen from hides, which are generally sourced from South America with no traceability back to farm.

The primary use for beef bone collagen is as an ingredient in health supplements or in a health-focused food product.  It can also be used as a protein booster in foods. There is more than 44% protein in our Beef Bone Collagen extract. We have measured this protein and shown that more than 70% of the protein comes from collagen, so the amount of collagen in our liquid product is more than 30% by weight.

The main collagen types present in our bone collagen are Types I, II and III.  Type I is the most common type of collagen and is found in all connective tissue. Type ll is found in cartilage and bone. Type lll is the main component of reticular fibers, which are found in bone marrow and blood vessels.  The health benefits for all three types of collagen include improving skin health, reducing joint pain, reducing bone loss, improving heart health, improving hair growth and reducing brittleness of nails.

Beef Bone Collagen from Taranaki Bio Extracts involves cooking the edible beef bones in water to extract the collagen proteins. It is a natural process to solubilise the collagen. By contrast, hides start as a raw material that is not fit for human consumption. They need to be highly processed to extract the collagen and make the end product fit for human consumption. To extract collagen protein from cowhide, the hide must be processed into a paste and then the hide paste usually undergoes three chemical extraction processes: acid solubilization, caustic acid solubilization, and modified acid-enzyme solubilization.

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