Developing Trends in the Bone Broth Market 2024

Bowls of beef bone broth and beef bone extract

Bone Broth Continues in Popularity . . .

Bone broth gained mainstream popularity about 2010.  It has been experiencing substantial growth since, and the trend is expected to continue beyond 2024 according to Precision Reports (Bone Broth Market Size in 2024:  Growth Opportunities and Future Outlook 2031).  Specialty Food magazine quotes that it’s been trending more recently because it’s being advertised and consumed by many influencers, including celebrities and athletes, as a way to get a range of nutrients including collagen protein and minerals.

There is a rise in product innovations with manufacturers introducing new flavours, formulations, and various packaging options.  Health-conscious consumers favour ready-to-drink bone broths, and powdered bone broth mixes are popular for their ease of preparation.

Bone broth is available in various types, but beef and chicken are the most popular globally.  Beef bone broth has a more savoury flavour than chicken bone broth, but both are high in protein, rich in collagen, and full of nutrients & minerals.

According to Precision Reports the bone broth market comprises four main types; powder, liquid, tablet and bars, and it is represented in four main segments;

  1. Fortified foods – bone broth is incorporated as an ingredient into a food brand to increase nutritional value
  2. Fortified beverages – this includes bone broth-based drinks that provide added health benefits.
  3. Dietary supplements – these make use of bone broth extracts in pill or powder form for consumer health benefits
  4. Pharmaceutical – this industry develops medications to promote overall health and wellbeing using bone broth extracts.

There is an ever-growing demand for bone broth from a health perspective – Cultures around the world embrace it as an elixir. Potential benefits include improving joint health; nourishing the hair, skin and nails; improving digestion; boosting immunity and promoting weight loss.

As well as its health benefits, bone broth is natural and made from basic wholefood ingredients.  This is increasingly important to consumers looking to avoid highly processed foods. Using parts of the animal which could be discarded supports bone broth as a food from a sustainability perspective.  The provenance of products is increasingly important.

At Taranaki Bio Extracts we believe in sustainable nutrition and have a strong provenance approach – for us this is about valuing and creating value from the entire animal to create rich nutrition.  For many cultures, respecting the life of animals sourced for food means using and appreciating every part of the animal.  For twenty years we’ve been part of this age-old tradition.  When the processors have removed the prime cuts we know there’s special value and richness hidden in the meaty beef bones – the source of our nutritious broths and extracts.

Consumers are making sustainable and clean label choices a priority so natural bone broth products are experiencing popularity in this respect.  Ready-to-drink broths are becoming popular with sophisticated flavour combinations and innovations to appeal to niche markets – a wide variety of flavours from natural beef bone broth through to a whole array of herbs and spice combinations provide numerous products to meet consumers’ particular taste preferences.

There is an increasing interest in alternative protein sources, alongside popularity of using bone broth in a variety of culinary applications by food manufacturers; soups, sauces, gravies, boullions and ready-made meals.

At Taranaki Bio Extracts we supply customers from nutraceutical to bone broth retail manufacturers, among them, one of the leading US beef bone broth manufacturers.  If you’re interested in discussing your needs please be in touch