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Close-up of beef broth-based sauce pouring over a restaurant meal

Food Engineering Expertise a Winner

Dr Mike North, New Zealand Food Products Engineer (PhD), has expertise in meat science, food engineering and product development – It means he can speak the same language as food industry customers.

“Our customers range from experienced buyers, that have spent a lifetime in the food industry, to new entrants with a start-up food business with very little experience. I can help to fill gaps in knowledge about the ingredient that they are looking to use in their finished product,” says Mike

At Taranaki Bio Extracts we create customised ingredients which are one of a number used in an end product, through to a product that needs minor processing to be ready for market.

The benefits brought to our customers who are manufacturing their own food ranges, anything from soups, stocks, bouillons, broths and gravies is that Taranaki Bio Extracts’ ingredients contributes to their customers’ product experience – they provide mouthfeel, flavour, and health benefits.  At Taranaki Bio Extracts we are able to make an ingredient solution or product at scale to a customers’ recipe, or we can help develop the recipe if required.  We can also work with a customer to tweak a recipe to their requirements moving from test kitchen to full-scale which can create differences.

Relationships we have with suppliers of raw materials give us an advantage at the outset to be able to get the right raw materials for our customers – If they want specific on-farm raising claims, our relationships with the processing plants give us more scope to be able to get to those raising claims and get the right raw materials for our customers.

If you’re looking for a unique nutritional profile or specification solution as a customised ingredient, Taranaki Bio Extracts can help.  Our team is led by Dr Mike North, an award-winning NZ Food Process Engineer (PhD)

“Most other ingredient providers or food manufacturers have a set range of products you can buy, and if you want something different or unique they can’t help you.  We are different in the way that we speak with the customer about what they want, and then work to tailor a solution to their needs,” says Dr Mike North

You can just about have any recipe that you can think of – beef/ lamb/ chicken/ venison/ goat/ vegetables/ herbs (but no pork or alcohol as we are Halal);

  • We can cook anywhere between 104 – 135degC.
  • We will work with you to ensure the product flavour and texture that you want is achieved.
  • We can concentrate the finished broth to different solid levels.
  • We can add up to 25% fat back into the finished product if you wish.
  • We can add salt to make it shelf-stable, or freeze an unsalted perishable product.

Our products come with certificates of analysis from accredited labs, and with export certificates with eligibility to different countries.

“I can often find a way to create an ingredient that a customer is thinking about, but is not sure how to make themselves. As a team we can source a wide range of raw materials at scale to provide a solution to a customer,” says Dr Mike North