Greyhounds Loving Taranaki Bio Extract’s Beef Bone Broth . . .

Greyhounds as Pets (GAP) and Taranaki Bio Extracts (TBE)

Greyhounds as Pets (GAP) were thrilled to receive a sponsorship from Taranaki Bio Extracts (TBE) in 2021. TBE have been supplying retired racing Greyhounds in GAP’s foster care, with their high-quality beef bone broth to use as a topper or supplement to their diet. Their broth is human-grade and made using quality, pure ingredients such as grass-fed beef bones and NZ-fresh vegetables and herbs.

Improvements were seen from all Greyhounds receiving the broth, ranging from an increase in appetite, to better overall coat health.   GAP followed both Chad and Boston’s progress as they enjoyed TBE’s bone broth as a topper every day.


Chad is a 6 year old Greyhound. He is a large dog, and routine is a very important part of his pet life (meal times included). The biggest challenge GAP faced with Chad was that he was a fussy eater and would pick out bits of food from his bowl that he didn’t like. They started Chad on TBE’s Bone Broth a few months ago, and fussy eating hasn’t been a problem since. They have even been able to get him to eat spinach, which was always his least favourite part of meal times.

Because Chad is a large dog, it was important that he have some Glucosamine in his diet, and being able to give this through bone broth has made feeding so much easier. He now looks forward to his routine meal times and licks the bowl completely clean. His coat is shiny and healthy.


Boston came to GAP as an older gentlemen at 8 years of age. He went into a foster home shortly after, and his foster family were given a supply of TBE’s broth as well as instructions as to how to feed this dietary supplement. Because Boston was older, it was important to GAP that he get the best nutrition possible.

The broth is a great source of Glucosamine and Collagen which would help maintain Boston’s joint health, and provide protein for strong bones, joints, healthy skin and coat.

Boston quickly came to look forward to meal times, and an improvement in coat health was noted within a couple of weeks. His joints are remaining healthy, and he has no issues jumping up and down from the sofa!