Recent Market Research says Flavour is King for Bone Broth Retail Manufacturers . . .

Garnished bowls of broth beside tetrapaks of beef bone broth

Flavour is King . . .

Recent market research (October 2023) undertaken in the United States by Taranaki Bio Extracts (TBE) revealed that beef bone broth retail manufacturers are interested in custom-made product, particularly the ability to customise areas of flavour and mouthfeel.  They are also interested in ‘all natural’, ‘traceability’, ‘GMO Free’ and ‘grass-fed’ as product qualities.

At Taranaki Bio Extracts their priority is flavour so they’re well placed to deliver.  Flavour is an aspect they can control well due to the design of their plant, making it a unique selling point for the company. Other variables they can manage, and tailor, include mouthfeel and colour.

TBE’s key point of difference is the New Zealand farming systems that raise beef cattle – it provides grass-fed, export quality, ethically sourced beef bones for their bone broths and extracts.

“Our expertise in meat science, food engineering, and product development means we speak the same language as food industry customers – from experienced buyers to a start-up food business.

“We can help fill gaps in knowledge about an ingredient they’re looking to include in their finished product – often this means finding ways to create something they have in mind but aren’t sure how to make themselves,” says Dr Mike North, Site Manager.


In the recent market research ‘customisability’ was given an average importance score of 3.6 / 5.0 by bone broth retail manufacturers and is very, or extremely, important to 70% of organisations questioned.

“Bone broth can be quite different according to its recipe. To achieve our unique results, the recipe comes first, it’s about the ingredients that go into the cooker.  Secondly it’s the temperature and the time in the cooker.  The third variable is concentration – we’re always making concentrated product, but the level of concentration and the final composition varies from customer to customer,” says Dr Mike North.

The batch process manufacturing at Taranaki Bio Extracts can be seen as cottage industry at scale.

“When we put our recipe together, everything gets measured out in a set unit and we make that one batch of product with a batch number.  It’s key to our flexibility, and ability to meet the unique needs of various customers.  If you’re looking to move from a home kitchen to large volumes, the batch process gives you that ability,” says Dr Mike North.

As a co-manufacturer, Taranaki Bio Extracts can benefit your business by their value-added expertise.  This could be anything from suggesting product developments, sourcing raw materials, and decreasing cost of production while maintaining quality to your markets.

“Our ingredients align with a sustainable approach and natural nutrition to support your brands’ offering,” says Dr Mike North

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