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Research and development is a key pillar for Taranaki Bio Extracts Limited. While we often carry out our own smaller research projects and product development work, we sometimes work with the broader research community on commercial R&D and pre-commercial projects. Some examples include the FoodPlus and FIET programmes.

FoodPlus was a NZ$27 million ‘Primary Growth Partnership Programme’ that ran from 2012-2019. It was jointly funded by ANZCO Foods, Taranaki Bio Extracts and the Ministry for Primary Industries. The aim was to transform the local New Zealand meat industry into a consumer-centric food and healthcare business by developing new and innovative uses for parts of the animal. 

The programme consisted of eight projects under three main groups:

  • Food products (Novel raw materials; Novel food products; Intermediate processed foods)
  • Healthcare (Biotissues; Bioculture; Nutrition)
  • Ingredients (Protein supplements; Stocks, broths, extracts, and seasoning oils)

The project on ‘Stocks, broths, extracts, and seasoning oils’ was managed by the team at Taranaki Bio Extracts. An independent review found that the FoodPlus programme is projected to increase sales of products from New Zealand across these areas by NZ$179 million per annum by 2025.

FIET (Food Industry Enabling Technologies) was a pre-commercial R&D programme driven by industry to develop and apply new technologies for the food processing industry. FIET is hosted by Massey University in partnership with the University of Otago, the University of Auckland, Plant & Food Research, AgResearch and the Riddet Institute. The programme was funded by the Ministry for Business, Innovation and Employment with co-funding from commercial food companies, including Taranaki Bio Extracts. MBIE have invested $16.5M over six years (June 2015-2021), targeting pre-commercialisation research and development activities.

FIET involves over 50 engineers, scientists, post docs and PhD students. The portfolio of projects is selected to provide span across many food sectors. All projects have process technology at heart, but all have chosen one or more products and raw materials as models to drive technology development. And all projects have at least one New Zealand industry partner, perhaps an equipment manufacturer, perhaps a processor, to provide edge and direction.”

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Supplied by Dr Mike North, Plant Manager TB3, Taranaki Bio Extracts