The Quality Mark – Ensuring we use the best of New Zealand-grown bones

At Taranaki Bio Extracts beef bones are our gold

We’re all about upcycling bones that become residual after the prime cuts of meat have been taken.  Our best bone broth uses a mix of large, nutrient-rich beef bones, along with smaller meaty cuts enabling a rich delicious flavour.  The collagen in these bones is extracted in the process providing naturally occurring collagen and amino acids.  As a result the quality of the bones we use for our broths and extracts is paramount.

The best bones for us means they’ve come from animals that have been humanely treated and enjoyed a life roaming freely, feasting on New Zealand fresh grass.  Our ethically sourced beef bones are some of New Zealand’s best.  This is because they come from sources we trust – primary beef processors and exporters, including our parent company ANZCO Foods.  All are part of the ‘Quality Mark Certification Programme.’  Established in 1997, the New Zealand Beef and Lamb Quality Mark is cited as a symbol to help customers recognise quality. Domestically it is known for the assurance it provides – that beef is New Zealand grown and has met the highest quality standards for eating quality, food safety and animal welfare.

Beef + Lamb New Zealand Inc is responsible for the domestic promotion of beef and lamb in New Zealand also managing and promoting the New Zealand Beef and Lamb Quality Mark.  While the Quality Mark programme is a domestic initiative, its benefits flow on to foods manufactured with New Zealand grown beef and lamb, determining these beef and lamb ingredients are the best on offer.

“Quality ingredients are a vital part of any recipe and when it comes to selecting the very best quality beef and lamb, you need look no further than the New Zealand Beef and Lamb Quality Mark,” – Beef + Lamb New Zealand

For us at Taranaki Bio Extracts the Quality Mark is an assurity that the meaty beef bones we use in our broths and extracts are the best New Zealand has to offer.

What determines the ‘Quality’ in Quality Mark?

Quality is a standard for us.  The Quality Mark label assures customers that the beef and lamb has met this high standard and is:

  • New Zealand grown
  • Free range
  • Tender
  • Free of Hormone Growth Promotants (HGPs)
  • Processed under the highest animal welfare standards
  • Reaches the highest standards of food safety

To maintain the Quality Mark’s robust nature regular auditing is carried out by NZ Beef + Lamb at every step in the production chain, making sure these high standards are maintained. All cuts of meat must adhere to a trimming standard with a maximum of 5mm external fat, as well as removal of all internal fat where possible.  While this programme determines the quality of cuts of meat, it also means the meaty bones that come to us after the cuts have been taken, have similarly met the stringent quality standards measured along the supply chain.

Processors and independent wholesalers are audited on average a minimum once a year.  In this way Quality Mark assures us we’re receiving our raw materials from processors who are trustworthy sources. An assurance we can pass on to our customers, and a quality that’s reflected in our ingredients to you.