Q&A Series with Dr Mike North – Article 1.

Supporting Sustainable Demand . . .

In a world where the sustainable demand for animal protein is increasing, at Taranaki Bio Extracts we take an upcycle approach, maximising export quality beef bones to craft our premium range of ingredients.

What type of ingredients or products do you provide to your customers?

We develop beef bone broths and extracts to contribute to anything from soups, stocks, bouillons, gravies, ready-made meals and more.

Most other ingredient providers or food manufacturers have a set range of products you can buy, and if you want something different or unique you may face challenges.  We offer customised solutions – we are different in how we speak with our customers about what they want, and then work to tailor a solution to their needs.

We can create just about any recipe that you can think of – beef/ lamb/ chicken/ venison/ goat/ vegetables/ herbs (but no pork or alcohol as we are Halal certified).

How can I be sure that the food standards are met in my country if you’re exporting products?

Our products come with certificates of analysis from accredited labs, and with export certificates with eligibility to different countries. All of our suppliers are part of the Quality Mark Certification Programme – an assurance that beef is from New Zealand and has met the highest quality standards for food safety and animal welfare.

What is sustainable nutrition and how does Taranaki Bio Extracts represent this?

For us this is about valuing and creating value from the entire animal to create rich nutrition.  For many cultures, respecting the life of animals sourced for food means using and appreciating every part of the animal.  For twenty years we’ve been part of this age-old tradition.  When the processors have removed the prime cuts we know there’s special value and richness hidden in the meaty beef bones – the source of our nutritious broths and extracts.

What makes New Zealand so special in terms of beef quality when it comes to beef bone extract?

We have a range of clients internationally who value New Zealand’s animal welfare and environmental sustainability programs – it’s this care for the land and the livestock that we know our customers value. New Zealand is well known for raising some of the best beef in the world and it’s the bones of this beef that go into our beef bone collagen extract. We use tried and traditional preparation methods to create our bone collagen extract – quite a different process to collagen extracted from hides.

Why should businesses look to export from a country that is so far way?

Our pasture-based farming, humane animal welfare practices with high biosecurity standards means New Zealand offers a premium quality product:  100% natural, non-GMO, grass-fed 365 days a year, hormone and antibiotic free, 100% traceable raw material.

Our quality speaks to our customers.  As business partners New Zealanders are known for their ethical business practice.  Our customers are particular about transparency and honesty – it’s key to the way Taranaki Bio Extracts conducts business as a New Zealand company.