Bonefide Gold – Human Grade for Pets

We’ve spent years refining our recipe to craft the best quality New Zealand beef bone broths for food manufacturing customers worldwide.  We’re now pleased to present Bonefide Gold – our human grade pet nutrition ingredient solutions.   If it’s good for us it’s got to be good for them. 

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Bonefide Gold – Human Grade Goodness for Your Pet-Loving Customers

Bonefide Gold beef bone broth is crafted from New Zealand export quality free range, grass-fed beef bones.  Our healthful formula has no salt, onion, garlic, or other toxic ingredients for pets, and it’s FREE from additives, colourings, flavour enhancers, GMOs and other nasties.  

With a high protein content it’s a naturally rich source of nutrients.  Most of the protein present in the bones is collagen.  Although no clinical trials have been completed on the health benefits of bone broth for dogs specifically, recent studies indicate various benefits in humans and other animals.

Based on the nutritional profiles, beef bone broth may support health and wellness in the following ways:

  • It’s an excellent source of Glucosamine, an amino sugar that helps maintain healthy joints and acts as an anti-inflammatory, something which is particularly beneficial for dogs with arthritis
  • It’s a natural source of Collagen, a necessary protein for strong bones, joints, healthy skin and coat
  • It’s believed to support good gut health
  • It’s very easy on the stomach and digestive system, and helps stimulate appetite
  • It provides extra hydration, along with a pleasant taste that encourages picky dogs to eat