Our Logistics Path through the Pandemic

International Port showing shipping containers and loading of a ship

A view from Andrew Buhler, Sales & Marketing Manager, Taranaki Bio Extracts

Covid – 19 pandemic has impacted most industries one way or another, predominately for Taranaki Bio Extracts it’s been on freight – impacting on cost to supply goods and the speed in which they’re delivered.  I think it shows the volatility of a globalised world, and relying on goods to travel from one side of the world to the other, in particular on a just-in-time model.

New Zealand’s Ministry for Primary Industries states “There are no formal restrictions on market access for the vast majority of goods exports and imports as a result of COVID-19 but the global pandemic continues to place pressure on global supply chains and is disrupting trade flows and the wider international economy. . .There have been some improvements in the flow of freight as restrictions begin to be lifted and business activity picks up.”

To our benefit it shows the strength of having dedicated resources focused on shipping and logistics, and having direct relationships with shipping carriers.

Why we outperform the competition in freight:

  • We have long and strong direct relationships with shipping partners (ships, ports, trucking).
  • In times of crisis (more than the current) we have been able to call upon these relationships for additional support.
  • We’re able to switch product into airfreight in times of immediate customer requirement.
  • We have a dedicated team member looking after the shipment from the booking through to documentation and delivery.
  • The integration between Taranaki Bio Extracts and SBT Marketing Ltd means a low-cost shipping model is used, at the same time having the advantage of timely information and collaboration used for delivering to customer expectations.  It essentially provides Taranaki Bio Extracts with an in-house shipping and logistics arm supporting an overall good customer experience in what is possibly the most logistically challenging time of a generation.