Client Testimonial

A quality tallow product with specific technical requirements.

Edible Tallow and product

A Satisfied Customer:

Quality, reliability and trust are key for us.  For twenty years we’ve enjoyed a successful business relationship with Taranaki Bio-Extracts (TBE), starting out with them in 2002.  It’s testament to the way they consistently meet our high standards when it comes to relationship, product quality, and delivery.

There’s quite a lot involved in our scheduling and it takes a fair bit to keep on top of it.  They’re fantastic to deal with, very thorough, and if there’s any challenges we always work together to solve them.

Supplied by a valued customer – Food Manufacturer


A quality tallow product with specific technical requirements.  Firstly it must contain low or minimal free fatty acids (FFA), which requires a quick turnaround in processing.  In providing this, in turn it means we don’t have to process the tallow as much to get our finished product.  We also receive Halal-grade product which is a second technical requirement.  This is quite important to us as it opens up a lot of export markets for our finished products.

Alongside this we require a high level of supplier commitment when it comes to traceability, and tailored delivery requirements.


A premium technical tallow product supplied as an ingredient by Taranaki Bio-Extracts.

There’s quite a bit of co-ordination that goes on for our distribution needs and it’s managed really well.  We’re co-ordinating between 5-7 truckloads of product a week into site from the west coast across to the east coast, totalling 6000 – 7000 tonnes p/a. This is done in a dedicated food-grade tanker which TBE organise.

For tallow products in New Zealand there’s a Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) requirement to trace them via e-Cert.  Taranaki Bio Extracts manage all of that too, meeting this vital traceability requirement for us.


Tallow is a key component that goes into a lot of our finished products – Taranaki Bio Extracts’ tallow provides a very unique, high-quality ingredient for our range – it’s certainly a selling point when we’re using it in the local market as it creates a superior pastry to the alternative of palm oil.

For 20 years we’ve been satisfied with their high-grade technical tallow  and we’re proud to see it reflect in the quality of our own product range.

Supplied by a valued customer – Food Manufacturer